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Beyond the CVs and Resumes: A Much Deeper and More Complex Narrative

For the last two years during the pandemic, we have had a monthly gathering called, “Starting a Career in Unusual Times” recognizing that taking on a new position at any time can be a bit overwhelming even if exciting;

Big Ideas, Concisely Stated: Dean Prabu David and Creating Digestible Content from Scholarship

In the world of leadership scholarship, “leaders” and “managers” are both necessary, complementary roles. An extremely concise summary of the difference might be: leader = vision, manager = order. It’s a simple enough model,

Big Ten Academic Alliance Academic Leadership Program


The Big Ten Academic Alliance Academic Leadership Program, (ALP) provides intensive leadership and managerial development, addressing the challenges of academic administration at major research universities, like tightening budgets,

Big Ten Academic Alliance Department Executive Officer (DEO) Program


Each fall, the Big Ten Academic Alliance (formerly the Committee on Institutional Cooperation; CIC) hosts a 3-day workshop for Department Executive Officers (DEOs).  This seminar focuses on departmental leadership skills and problem-solving and emphasizes analysis of case studies.

Brandy Ellison

Brandy Ellison is a faculty member in the Center for Integrative Studies in Social Science. She received her BA in Sociology and History from Montana State University-Billings in 2000 and her Ph.D.

Bree E. Holtz

Dr. Bree Holtz is an accomplished associate professor in the Department of Advertising & Public Relations and serves as the Director of the College’s Center for Teaching and Learning at the College of Communication Arts and Sciences,

Bree Holtz

Assistant Professor Dr. Holtz works in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations as well as the Department of Media and Information.

She received her B.A. in Telecommunication from MSU,

Bryan R. Smith

Bryan R. Smith is an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering within the School of Engineering and a member of the Institute for Quantitative Health Science and Engineering (IQ). He received his Bachelor’s degree in physics,

Cara Cilano

Cara Cilano joined MSU’s Department of English as chairperson in the summer of 2016. Since my arrival at MSU, I have joined the Editorial Board at MSU Press and, at Dean Long’s request,

Carla A. Pfeffer

Carla A. Pfeffer is Associate Professor in the School of Social Work, affiliate faculty in the Department of Sociology and Center for Gender in Global Context, Director of the Consortium for Sexual and Gender Minority Health,