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Confidentiality in Mentoring Relationships


No matter what mentor model is used, it is critically important to establish how issues of confidentiality will be handled. All academics need to work in an environment in which they can feel safe and able to address concerns without fear of retribution.


The Academic Advancement Network offers three types of consultations on topics of teaching and learning.

The Academic Advancement Network offers several alternatives for individual conversations about teaching and learning with any instructor of a course at MSU.

Consultations on Teaching and Learning

Consultations Offered on Many Different Topics Related to Teaching and Learning

Instructional consultants are available to meet one on one with instructors about a variety of topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Instructional methods and innovative approaches to teaching and learning
  • Instructional design,

Continuous Improvement Cycle of Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning are core features of any postsecondary institution, closely tied to student success in so many ways. Yet, it is an aspect of academic work for which most have little real training before assuming their position at a research university like Michigan State University (MSU),

Conversations with MSU Leaders

These sessions provide the President and Provost the opportunity to speak with deans, directors, chairs, executive managers, and staff supervisors level 15-17, to promote ongoing communication and to discuss current issues,

Creating and Sustaining a Respectful Work Environment Series

This series of workshops is intended for leaders (executive managers, deans, directors, chairs, and supervisors, level 12-17) from across the University to work together to improve the current climate and culture in their units and across the greater campus community.

Crystal L. Eustice, Ph.D.

Crystal L. Eustice, Ph.D. As an Academic Teaching Specialist, Dr. Eustice teaches a minimum of four courses per academic year. Crystal also serves as an undergraduate academic advisor and internship coordinator for Environmental Studies and Sustainability (ESS) and Sustainable Parks,