Research & Scholarship

Much of the work in the Research and Scholarship node occurs via collaboration with academic units locally. These opportunities are designed to help you develop and sustain your unique contributions and perspectives for the enrichment and transformation of the University and beyond. We address areas of research development, research cultivation, and integrating research with other career domains.

Research & Scholarship Events

Research Development

  • Establishing a research agenda (e.g., consultations with Junior Faculty in CNS, with leaders and newly funded individual faculty in colleges w/limited grant engagement)
  • Establishing a team/group (e.g., Contributions to efforts by Graduate School and Diversity Research Network)
  • Nuts & bolts of funding acquisition (frequently collaborative with VPRI)
  • Establishing interdisciplinary collaborations (Efforts to prepare interdisciplinary, multi-investigator groups for mid-scale research funding proposals with ISP/CORD and VPRI)

Research Cultivation

  • Mentoring a team/group (e.g., Mentoring Workshop, collaborative efforts with Graduate School)
  • Mentoring for faculty/academic staff researchers (e.g., Mentoring Workshops, individual & small group Faculty Mentor Training Consulting, NCFDD mentoring training)
  • Funding needs, strategy, and management (Developmental discussion re: needs and plans with CORD and VPRI training)
  • Research implementation/accountability framework (in collaboration with specific colleges)
  • Research/scholarship communication or dissemination strategies (Various activities including Online Presence and Digital Publishing Platforms—e.g., with Outreach)

Integrating Research and other Career Domains