Teaching & Learning

The teaching and learning function of the Office of Faculty and Academic Staff Development is focused fundamentally on teacher learning. Our goal is to directly develop the professional proficiency of our academic colleagues and enable them to better support the success of all MSU students. We provide dynamic and responsive educator development, aligned by shared language around teaching competency areas. Through alignment and with central support, departments and colleges can co-design consistent, fulsome, credentialed, rewarded and sustainable training in teaching and learning practice for educators across roles and disciplines.


Teaching & Learning Events


Our fellowship programs are now open to faculty and academic staff of any appointment type who have significant teaching responsibilities

Learning Communities

Learning Communities, formerly known as Faculty Learning Communities, are ongoing discussion groups that allow MSU colleagues to gather from across departments in order to develop their skills (and even create new resources) related to a specific teaching and learning topic.

Learning Opportunities

These sessions are focused on innovative approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment at the university level. These enable faculty and academic staff to explore a variety of strategies for enhancing learning and instruction. OFASD partners with several other units on campus to present the following:

Additional campus events related to Teaching and Learning may be found on the Calendar.


The Office of Faculty and Academic Staff Development offers several alternatives for individual conversations about teaching and learning with any instructor of a course at MSU.

For more information about consultation, observation, or feedback sessions, please contact the Office of Faculty and Academic Staff Development at OFASD@msu.edu.

OFASD Approach to Teaching & Learning Evaluations

Teaching & Learning Spring Conference

2024 Spring Conference on Teaching & Learning: Community, Conversation, and Classroom Experience, organized by the Center for Teaching & Learning Innovation (CTLI).