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It is a pleasure to welcome you to Michigan State University. This is a place where teaching, research, outreach, and engagement work together in ways that will enable your individual success and broader institutional success. We are looking forward to a fulfilling academic year, with all the rewarding experiences and opportunities associated with being on campus together as a community of scholars. As we prepare for the start of the fall semester, we look forward to you joining us. As we approach the fall semester, we want to provide you with important information regarding the August Virtual New Faculty and Academic Staff Orientation Program.

The orientation program aims to familiarize you with our university, its values, and expectations. It also offers an opportunity to connect with campus leaders and access valuable resources. To get started, please refer to the New Academics Checklist, which will guide you through the initial steps as you transition.

Attending the New Faculty and Academic Staff Orientation is expected for all full-time academics contracted for 90% time or more for two or more semesters. This includes tenure system faculty, librarians, health programs faculty, FRIB/NSCL faculty, fixed-term faculty, academic specialists, and senior research associates. Others in these roles at reduced appointment levels are invited but not required to attend.

The 2023 New Faculty and Academic Staff Orientation consists of several parts:

  1. Online Program: On August 22 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST, a live online session will cover MSU culture, processes, and making the most of your first year. Additionally, there will be a virtual “meet and greet” for networking with deans, faculty excellence advocates, and other new members of your unit.
  2. Modules for Orientation Completion: After registering for the event, you will receive details on accessing modules that provide essential information, including resources from various campus offices and important policies and procedures.
  3. Virtual Information Fair: Participate in the Virtual Information Fair to learn about MSU offices and resources. Human Resources and MSU Federal Credit Union representatives will be available to address questions regarding benefits, banking, mortgages, and financial matters. Further details will be shared in a subsequent email.
  4. Important Resources and Follow-Up Opportunities: Throughout the year, visit the New Faculty and Academic Staff Orientation page for supplemental information on resources and upcoming workshops.

Invitations are scheduled to be sent in mid-July. If you do not receive a personalized invitation, kindly reach out to the Office of Faculty and Academic Staff Development at OFASD@msu.edu or call (517) 432-1185 to obtain access to the orientation materials.