OFASD Mission

The Office of Faculty and Academic Staff Development (OFASD) supports our colleagues as they develop productive careers reflective of their individual aspirations and helps them understand how those aspirations contribute to institutional priorities.

OFASD Vision

MSU will become a national model for integrated, inclusive professional development across the full range of academic responsibilities and the arcs of diverse academic career paths.

OFASD Values

Improving our institution’s culture of academic advancement requires collaboration, coordination, and commitment to inclusive and diverse working environments.  To be as effective as possible, the OFASD will:

  1. Be grounded in research, evidence, and assessment
  2. Privilege innovation as a way to promote growth and development
  3. Promote understanding of individual career aspirations in the context of institutional responsibilities
  4. Enhance connectivity and integration across the nodes and with partners throughout campus
  5. Work from a core of shared goals and best practices concerning academic professional development
  6. Listen to and learn from the lived experiences of MSU’s academics
  7. Offer tailored and adaptive approaches to meet the needs of academic cohorts from varied disciplines, backgrounds, and career stages