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Consultations on Teaching and Learning

Consultations Offered on Many Different Topics Related to Teaching and Learning

Instructional consultants are available to meet one on one with instructors about a variety of topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Instructional methods and innovative approaches to teaching and learning
  • Instructional design,

Mid-Semester Student Feedback Sessions


The purpose of mid-semester feedback is to collect formative feedback on your course to explore possible adjustments. Mid-semester feedback is optional.

Mid-Semester Feedback

Mid-semester feedback is a useful approach for receiving feedback on the course experience at a moment when it is possible to make adjustments.

2017 Research Orientation

This session was a collaboration between the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies and the Academic Advancement Network.

2017 Research Orientation Materials

Important Policies for Faculty and Academic Staff


Below are policies that are important to know during your transition to Michigan State University.

Late Career Symposium Resources

These resources are about the later academic career and retirement.

Research Orientation

Research Orientation
Research Orientation is designed to provide relevant policies regarding research at MSU to incoming faculty and academic staff.

  • Institutional Policy
  • Office of Regulatory Affairs
  • Research integrity and responsible conduct of research
  • How the MSU Libraries can support your research


The Office of the Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation has REQUIRED and Recommended training available for those with a research appointment.