This series of pages on mentoring is designed to provide ideas and resources related to mentoring, particularly for faculty and academic staff.  It is critical that each of these individuals on our campus has access to the information and support they need to be successful.

Much of the following material was adapted from the Mentoring Toolkit developed as part of the work on NSF ADVANCE Grant #0811205, awarded to Michigan State University in fall 2008.  While the work on the grant officially ended in 2014, a strong commitment to the goals originally outlined – Advancing Diversity through the Alignment of Policies and Practices (ADAPP) – continues today.  The information in the toolkit as presented here has been updated and expanded upon by Melissa McDaniels (formerly of the Graduate School) and members of the Office of Faculty and Academic Staff Development (AAN at the time).  We hope it is valuable for individuals interested in mentoring and being mentored by academics at all levels and across all appointment types.

Mentor Models

Facilitating the Mentoring Relationship

Confidentiality in Mentoring Relationships

Best Practices for Mentors and Mentees in Academic Settings

Resources for Unit Administrators

Resources for Mentor Professional Development

Other Useful Resources

Literature Cited