On mentoring

  • Another e-network to consider is Peer Resources, a fee-based membership network.  Even if joining is not an option, significant information is still available to non-members from their homepage.
  • The Peer Resources website provides a list of thousands of mentoring programs with brief descriptions of the models.  Scanning the list can provide an understanding of the range of mentor models that exist and ideas for models that may be a good fit with a unit’s needs. The list is available to non-members and is continually updated. Specific contact information is available only to members but may be found through internet research. The listings are organized by setting and can be searched by geographic location or keywords. There is a college/university section but programs in other categories may be useful as well.
  • TOP 10 Tips to Maximize Your Mentoring from Science magazine. Note the link to the inventory on mentoring skills.
  • Nature’s Guide for Mentors
  • 7 Habits of Highly Successful Mentors & Mentorees from Management Mentors

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