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Organizational Structure

MSU has three Executive Vice Presidents, who report to the President, for: Academic Affairs (Provost), Administration, and Health Sciences. Human resources, with the exception of issues related to benefits, are separate for academic and support staff employees.  Faculty and academic staff are administered through  Academic Human Resources (overseen by Suzanne Lang); support staff are administered through Human Resources (overseen by Sharon Butler).

Organizational Chart Showing the Provost supervises the Associate Provost and Associate Vice President of Academic Human Resources who manages 5,700 plus total faculty and academic staff. It also shows the Executive Vice President of Administration supervises the Associate Vice President of Human Resources who manages 7,000 plus support staff.


For concerns with academic employees, please contact Academic Human Resources by emailing or calling 353-5300. For concerns relating to support staff, please contact Employee Relations by emailing or calling 353-5510. Please also be sure to consult with the office of your dean.

Academic Freedom

Academic Freedom

Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

Additional information is available on academic freedom, as well as policies on academic tenure and governance, teaching, research and creative activities, public service, and working with colleagues in the context of the university and community.


Faculty and Academic Staff

General Faculty and Academic Staff Hiring Information


See also

Support Staff

Ending Employment


Discipline and Dismissal for Cause

Visiting Scholars

Information for hosting individuals on a J-1 Visa

General Tenure System Policies

General Tenure System Policies

Includes Policies On

  • RPT recommendations at the university and college levels
  • Extending the tenure clock
  • Mentoring
  • Faculty review, including post-tenure review
  • Modified duties
  • Post-tenure review
  • Primary and joint appointments, also see the Multiple Appointment Memo




Faculty and Academic Staff Administrative Forms

Faculty and Academic Staff Administrative Forms

Contains forms for many actions, including:

  • Hiring
  • Leaving MSU
  • Leave Programs (e.g., sabbatical)
  • Pay, Rewards, and Recognition
  • Performance Review and Development – Fixed-term faculty and academic staff
  • Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure
    – Academic Specialist
    – Health Programs
    – Tenure System

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Unions are associated with many employment groups on campus. The UNTF covers fixed-term faculty with teaching responsibilities, and the Graduate Employees Union (GEU) covers graduate students with teaching responsibilities. Support staff at MSU are associated with nine separate groups; the Administrative Professionals Association (APA), Administrative Professional Supervisors Association (APSA), and the Clerical-Technical Union (CTU) are likely the most relevant for leaders/administrators within colleges, departments, and schools. View the contracts.

Salary Adjustments

Effort Reporting for Sponsored Projects

Misconduct in Research and/or Creative Activities

Misconduct includes plagiarism, fabrication, falsification, and other research activities that seriously deviate from accepted practices in the research community.
Procedures Concerning Allegations of Misconduct in Research and Creative Activities

Conflict of Interest

Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct

Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct

Harassment and Discrimination

Harassment and Discrimination

Disability and Reasonable Accommodation

Disability and Reasonable Accommodation

Budget and Finance