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External Resources related to Academic Staff & Fixed-Term Faculty


In addition to the presentation slides based on our October, 2017 Leadership session on Supporting the Development of Academic Staff and Fixed-Term Faculty, these books were listed as resources.

Virtual “Coffee Hour” for Women Department Chairs, School Directors, and Associate Deans of Non-Departmentally Organized Colleges

The series of meetings for women chairs, school directors, associate deans from non-departmentally organized colleges, and directors of academic programs similar to departments/schools will continue this year. Marilyn Amey, Assistant Provost for Faculty and Academic Staff Development (and former department chair) will host these monthly sessions.

Leadership Institute


Each year, the Leadership Institute series offers academic administrators the opportunity to interact with their peers around key topics. This series of short sessions are designed to expand upon themes introduced at New Administrator Orientation.

Professional Development Organizations

There are many additional resources you may access, offered through MSU’s institutional partnership with national and regional organizations. Please take advantage of these opportunities.

Academic Career Paths

NCFDD offers live and recorded webinars,


The Office of Faculty and Academic Staff Development is organized around four nodes, each covering a topic that is crucial to the development of the careers of faculty and academic staff.

Big Ten Academic Alliance Department Executive Officer (DEO) Program


Each fall, the Big Ten Academic Alliance (formerly the Committee on Institutional Cooperation; CIC) hosts a 3-day workshop for Department Executive Officers (DEOs).  This seminar focuses on departmental leadership skills and problem-solving and emphasizes analysis of case studies.

Leadership Development

A range of skills and responsibilities are critical to administrative roles, which commonly involve a blend of leadership, management, and service.  These skills and responsibilities will form the foci for training and mentoring to be provided by the Leadership Node,