poster session with academics mingling and discussing

By Makena Neal, Educational Developer, Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation

Each day academia buzzes with new ideas, conversations, thoughts and research. Across the MSU community educators are continuing to encourage and inspire. Learners from all different points in their careers are exploring pathways and developing new passions. Celebrating and elevating the efforts of those who step each day into the arena of academia, who discover and reimagine the places that we live and learn, who do hard things in the face of the unknown, and who build relationships is a commitment shared between the Office of Faculty and Academic Staff Development (OFASD) and the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation (CTLI).

We appreciate your dedication to growth. Educators, leaders and staff continue to transform themselves and the institution toward continual growth. You make Michigan State University a learning organization, in every sense of the phrase. We know there are diverse efforts already underway to support educators at different levels across the university. The CTLI has a core team of educator developers but also aims to be a conduit to, and work closely and collaboratively with, those supporting educator development in colleges, departments, and units across campus. CTLI is excited to identify common goals and align efforts with service units like we have done (and continue to do) with OFASD.

As Dr. Marilyn Amey, Assistant Provost for Faculty and Academic Staff Development, in a previous article said, “We encourage you to meet people, listen, learn, ask questions, find your passions, and build connections. These connections provide opportunities to discover what is in you and celebrate what you see in others.” The CTLI will serve a connective function to help bring together a diverse group of experts and practitioners to collaboratively serve educator stakeholders within MSU’s ecosystem. We will employ our centralized location to support and collaborate with the network, providing the leadership role to organize and sustain such a growing and expansive group.

In addition to consultations and workshops on specific teaching and learning topics, CTLI is excited to provide a single centralized teaching and learning events calendar. Now you can visit the #iteachmsu Commons events calendar to find, add and promote events, workshops, programs, and more to educators across roles at MSU. Log in today with your MSU netID to get growing!