Spring Conference on Teaching, Learning and Student Success held May 4 thru 7 of 2021

Spring Conference on Teaching, Learning, and Student Success, May 4-7, 2021

Each May, we host a conference of MSU educators that showcases innovative teaching ideas and fosters a dynamic community of all who enhance the experiences of students, faculty, and staff. The focus of this year’s conference is on Lessons Learned and New Experiences from 2020. The work over the last year counts!

The goal of the meeting is to create a shared space for conversation about educational practices that lead to student success. To do so, we encourage sessions that share impactful and scholarly approaches to teaching, highlight data related to student learning and success, and provide opportunities for professional growth. We hope to leverage the campus community’s collective skills and knowledge about teaching, learning, assessment, research, and administrative processes to advance student learning and benefit the entire university community.

The conference schedule is available within D2L. Self-enroll for information.


Wednesday, May 5th at 9:00 am: Lisa Laughman, LMSW & ACSW

Operating Instructions for Optimal Learning, Teaching, and Living
This session will offer a helpful vantage point from which to live life that transcends some of the dominant cultural narratives and expectations that can lead us to separate from our own humanity and wellbeing while in pursuit of our academic and professional goals. The session will include skill building and grounding practices designed to help you navigate the difficult terrain of work-life responsibilities with less wear and tear on yourself. The conversation will also illuminate the importance of extending and demonstrating empathic concern to others in our learning communities.

Thursday, May 6th at 11:00 am: Dr. Marita Gilbert

This talk offers reflections on the tumult on the past year, framed by a global pandemic on two fronts—COVID-19, a virus that aggressively attacks the body and systems of embedded racism perniciously attacking the body politic. Implications of both have been experienced widely and deeply. As many grappled with ways to characterize this experience, unprecedented, emerged as a common descriptor. Should it be? Is it accurate to frame the conditions of the last year as “never seen or experienced before,” as the denotation of this word implies? Or is this portrayal a matter of perspective? As the pandemic has thrust disparities in health, education, and justice into our central vision, we are challenged to develop strategies to address the inequities that result. This is an invitation for invitees not to avert their gaze but to consider their role in the work that lies ahead.

If you have any questions about the schedule or how to access it, please email AAN@msu.edu.

Details for the 2021 Spring Conference on Teaching, Learning, and Student Success will be updated as they become available.

New this year:

  • Sessions housed in D2L with self-registration information – Enroll Now
  • Asynchronous sharing and additional resources in the #iteachmsu Commons (coming soon)
  • Short pre-recorded session introduction and information videos available ahead of time and at the start of each session timeslot
  • Different poster session topics and conversation options daily


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