Sarah Prior (she/they) is an Assistant Professor and the Undergraduate Program Director in the Sociology Department at Michigan State University. She teaches courses on sex, gender and sexuality; social inequality; youth and society; as well as introductory classes in sociology, social science and women’s and gender studies. Her research focuses on gendered violence, specifically looking at issues surrounding campus sexual violence and the push toward neoliberalism on campuses. She also researches issues of rape culture and consent. Dr. Prior’s work has appeared in academic journals, textbooks, and popular outlets. She is the co-author of the book Campus Sexual Violence: A State of Institutionalized Sexual Terrorism (2022). Her work has appeared in academic journals such as Sociology Compass; Violence Against Women; The Journal of Interpersonal Violence as well as edited volumes including The Moral Panics of Sexuality; Investigating Difference: Human and Cultural Relations in Criminal Justice. She is a past Adams Academy Fellow and Liberty Hyde Bailey Faculty Fellow.