Jeno Rivera headshot

Jennifer “Jeno” Rivera began her tenure at MSU in the CANR Department of Community, Agriculture, and Recreation Studies researching best practices for agriculture, food, and natural resources secondary teacher preparation. This research spring boarded her curiosities to include non-formal teaching and learning in community education and engagement.  Currently, she is an associate professor in the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities and the CANR Department of Community Sustainability and is the Director of the Liberty Hyde Bailey Scholars Program, a program that supports a university-wide minor in Leadership in Integrated Learning. Her recent scholarship identifies high impact practices (HIPs) that impend or foster learning through experience. She collaborates in the development, implementation, and evaluation of innovative educational programs that promote self-directed learning. Her work appears in such journals as the International Journal on Innovations in Online Education, the Journal of Prior Learning Assessment Inside Out, and Experiential Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. She recently published a chapter on the T-shaped dimensions of student learning in Advancing Talent Development: Towards a T-model Infused Undergraduate Education. When not on campus, Jeno enjoys sewing, painting, and playing her violin for her dog, cat, and six chickens.