Ryan Shadbolt is an Academic Specialist for the Department of Geography, Environment, & Spatial Sciences within the College of Social Science. Ryan earned a B.S. in Earth Science from Central Michigan University in 2001, M.A. in Geography from Michigan State University in 2003, & Ph.D. in Geography from Michigan State University in 2009. Over 2009-11, he completed a Postdoctoral Research Associateship at Michigan State University, followed by Instructorships at Saginaw Valley State University & Central Michigan University throughout 2011-17. Spanning 2017-19, Ryan then served as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Atmospheric & Climate Science at Northland College. In 2019 he returned to Michigan State University in the roles of Instructor & Undergraduate Academic Advisor. Ryan’s areas of academic interests span meteorology & climatology, academic advising, & science of teaching & learning.