Rachael Lund is a Teaching Specialist in the Department of Mathematics. Rachael is the Course Coordinator for the Quantitative Literacy 1 (MTH 101). This course serves close to 1800 students per year as the university math requirement for non-STEM majors. Over the past four years, she has worked with a team of excellent graduate teaching assistants and undergraduate learning assistants to update the course structure and curriculum of MTH 101. The work was centered on changes to the course that allow a seamless connection between current events and news media to the content and provide a more equitable learning experience. In Spring of 2022, Rachael and her team piloted an embedded student support program in MTH 101. She is currently focusing on improving that program and expanding it to other courses in the department. Her passion is working towards creating an inclusive and supportive learning experience for all students enrolled in mathematics courses at Michigan State University. She received her BS in Secondary Education (Math and Physics) from Western Michigan University and her MS in Mathematics from Montana State University.