Dr. Ayman Mohamed is an assistant professor of Arabic at Michigan State University. He started his career as an instructor of English in Egypt. He then pursued his graduate studies in the U.S, obtaining an MA degree in Linguistics and ESL from the University of North Texas under a Fulbright grant. In 2015, He received his PhD from Michigan State University SLS Program with a focus on second language vocabulary acquisition. As an assistant professor, he taught all levels of Arabic as well as IAH courses. His research interests include task-based learning, incidental vocabulary acquisition, hybrid and online pedagogy of Arabic and using eye tracking techniques in second language reading. Dr. Mohamed has led the move in the offering of Arabic hybrid classes at MSU. He concurrently worked on developing the Arabic curriculum, by building an open resource textbook for the Arabic program supported by an OER award from MSU libraries. He is currently co-authoring a forthcoming textbook in Egyptian Arabic with Georgetown University Press.