Fayyaz Hussain photoFayyaz Hussain, My teaching career in Sociology began in Pakistan in 1975 after I completed my M.A. in Sociology.   I continued teaching Sociology in Nigeria, Canada, and finally in the USA.   After moving to Michigan State University in 1986, I have taught in the Department of Sociology, Center for Criminal Justice and the Center for Integrative Studies in Social Sciences.  In the past 26 years, I have been at the Center for Integrative Studies in Social Sciences.    Each year, I teach closer to 2000 students.  According to my calculations, I have taught more than 50,000 students.  Even though my position at Michigan State University is full time teaching, I still have been active in research.  Over the years, I have worked on more than 25 research projects in a variety of roles, I have presented more than 25 research papers and have attended and organized numerous workshops.

Based on the formal and informal feedback from my students, I believe I have a life-long impact on my students. In the past 25 years, I have received hundreds of letters from my students admiring everything about my classes. My former students even have a fan club for me on Facebook.   I have received more than 10 recognitions and awards including John F. Schnabel Teaching Award by North Central Sociological Association (NCSA) and Michigan State University Excellence in Teaching Award. I have recently been elected as the President of North Central Sociological Association.