My name is Lindsey Jenny and I am an Assistant Professor in the Division of Human Anatomy, Department of Radiology.     I have been at MSU, first as a student and now as a faculty member for 16 years.   I came to MSU as a graduate student in Anthropology with the intention of becoming a forensic anthropologist.  As a graduate student, I worked as a supplemental instructor for gross anatomy for the College of Human Medicine and as a laboratory assistant for anatomy.  I also had the opportunity to do bioarchaological fieldwork in Albania and Sudan.  Although I enjoyed my dissertation research in bioarcheology, I would now describe myself as an anatomist rather than an anthropologist.

In 2008, I began working in a joint appointment as an Instructor in the Division of Human Anatomy and Block 1 Academic Support Coordinator for the College of Human Medicine Office of Academic Programs.  I organized study groups for the basic science courses for first medical students and began teaching in several anatomy courses.  During this time, I worked closely with the CHM ABLE program and provided academic support to the Nurse Anesthesia masters program.   In 2013, I transitioned to a full time position in the Division of Human Anatomy.  I teach human gross anatomy to a wide variety of students from pre-nursing freshman to second year medical students.  In the summer, I travel to the COM satellite campuses several days a week to teach the first year Osteopathic students in lab.  During fall and spring semesters, my primary focus is ANTR 350 Human Gross Anatomy, a large introductory anatomy course for pre-health professional students.  I also work with students taking prosection (dissection) courses.  Teaching students at so many different levels and with so many different career goals is challenging and rewarding.  After 10 years as a faculty member, it’s amazing to think that I contributed to the education of students that are now practicing physicians, physician assistants, nurses, dieticians, dentists, pharmacists, researchers, and more.

In 2017-2018, Nicole Geske and I worked with Top Hat to write a digital Human Anatomy textbook, now available through Top Hat Marketplace:

The textbook continues to evolve as we get feedback from students and professors at other institutions.  It forced us to think beyond how we teach anatomy at MSU and made us stretch beyond our comfort zones as we had to take on chapters about anatomical topics that we don’t normally spend much time on in our own courses.


Outside of academics, I am an avid equestrian, focusing primarily on dressage, eventing, and trail riding.  I have two horses: Sunny and Finn.  Sunny is a 16 year old appendix quarter horse with a “delicate” constitution and an amazing ability to get hurt and lose horseshoes.  He is semi-retired and enjoys trail riding and eating horse treats.  Finn is a year old Connemara pony.  He is very clever, eager to please, and enjoys being the center of attention.  Finn has given me the opportunity to get back in the show ring after a 6 year hiatus and we placed 4th out of 9 at his first show this summer.  I’m excited to watch him grow up and become my next riding partner.