Ryan Tubbs

Ryan Maureen Tubbs completed her Ph.D. in Anthropology at Michigan State University; her dissertation focused on diet and identity in the central Illinois River valley during the late prehistoric period.  As a physical anthropologist, she has a deep interest in the intersection of human behavior and human biology. Ryan’s interest in human anatomy resulted in a position as a Supplemental Instructor in Medical Gross Anatomy in 2002. She fell in love with teaching students anatomy and she has worked for the College of Human Medicine in varying roles ever since, including as an hourly wage tutor, a graduate assistant, an instructor, the Assistant Director Academic Support, and currently as an assistant professor.

Ryan spends most of her time teaching gross anatomy to the College of Human Medicine students engaged in the Shared Discovery Curriculum – an innovative, integrative, clinically focused, and flipped curriculum. Ryan lives with her boyfriend, their 4 cats and 2 dogs, and their 8 year old son, Dean. Dean is a party all the time and their home is filled with chaos and love. Ryan loves going to concerts and kayaking. She also is a huge anatomy nerd and loves to dress up as a new anatomical structure each Halloween.