Ryan Maccombs

Ryan graduated from MSU in 2013 with his Master’s in Mathematics. He was initially hired to help coordinate the Math Learning Center. In 2015 his duties changed and he began coordinating the calculus sequence which involves roughly 100 Instructors/TAs and over 5000 students each year. In addition to these coordination duties, Ryan typically teaches 3 large lectures each year and likes to experiment with methods of lecturing that are engaging and entertaining.

Lately Ryan has been involved in making videos for his classes. Here is an example: https://youtu.be/0l8jc5Dh6zI. He has now completed three courses and is working on a fourth. Students watch the videos before class to achieve a basic level of knowledge, so class time can be spent interacting with students and diving deeper into concepts and problems.

Ryan has a cool wife and two weird cats. In his free time he enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, doing projects around the house, going to the movies, eating sushi, and playing board games. He won a math award in the fourth grade which apparently sealed his fate.