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2018 MSU Teaching & Learning Spring Conference: Tuesday, May 8

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Please check in outside D-101 before evening events.

Reception and Poster Session

Date & Time: Tues., May 8, 4:30-5:30 p.m.

Place: Room D101 and main hallway of Wells Hall

Keynote Presentation

Date & Time: Tues., May 8, 5:45-6:30 p.m.

Place:  Wells Hall, Room B119

Presenter: Beronda Montgomery, MSU Foundation Professor, AAN Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Node Leader

Title: Re-envisioning Mentoring as Learning: Promoting Growth, Reciprocity, and Success

Photo of Beronda MontgomeryDescription: Mentoring is often positioned as the transfer of information from an experienced, senior individual (or mentor) to a junior, inexperienced individual (or mentee). Implicit in this description are the ideas that at the core of mentoring is a process of teaching – to guide, instruct and train – and that mentoring may largely be a one-way flow of information. Increasingly, however, mentoring is being understood as a process best facilitated through a bilateral exchange and flow of knowledge and learning between individuals in a mentoring exchange. In this evolving conceptualization and practice of mentoring, both mentor and mentee are positioned as learners and teachers. In this presentation, I explore effective means of cultivating mentoring as a place of collaborative learning and reciprocal cultivation that promotes the growth and success of all involved in the mentoring process.

Panel: What does teaching for student success mean to me?

Date & Time: Tuesday, May 8, 6:30-7:00 p.m.

Place: Wells Hall, Room B119

Moderator: Provost June Youatt


  • M. Isabel Ayala,  Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Chicano/Latino Studies Program
  • R. Sekhar Chivukula, Professor of Physics; Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education; Dean of Undergraduate Studies
  • Teena Gerhardt, Associate Professor, Mathematics Department
  • Jasmine Lee, Neighborhood Director, Advising Lead, East Neighborhood
  • Danielle M. Lopez, Assistant Director of Student Success, Biological and Physical Sciences-Interdepartmental Advisor
  • Randy Rasch, Dean and Professor, College of Nursing
  • Chezare A. Warren:  Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Education

Poster Presentations

Place: Posters will be located in the main hallway of Wells Hall

A Feedback Curriculum for the Department of Veterinary Medicine: A Needs Assessment

J. M. Monica van de Ridder

Accessibility and Preparation: Lessons Learned in the Classroom

Dustin De Felice, Caitlin Cornell

ACT to SAT: What the Switch Means for Our Students

Drew Trotter

Acting in Immersive Theatre

Rob Roznowski, 2017-18 Lilly Fellow

All Lectures Complete… But The Course Is Not!

Martha Faner, Carol Wilkins

Avoiding the Sophomore Slump

Tonya Bailey, Scott Fitzpatrick, Sara Bartles

Broadening Access to Honors: A Revision to the Academic Scholars Program through Support of First Gen and Pell Students

Bess German, Justin Micomonaco, Christine Raisanen

Building Community: Connecting 2nd Year Spartans to Campus

Ray Gasser, Sue Webster

Characterizing Scientific Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas in Science Assessments

Becky Matz

College of Social Science Academic Probation Rate Trends – Update

Brandy J. Ellison

Collegiate Recovery Community: Promoting Wellness and Transforming Lives

Emily Young, Taylor Struna

Connections That Count

Mary Beth Heeder, Dan Watson, Lorelei Blackburn

Correlates of Student Quiz Submission Time Variability

Danielle M. Kaminski, Vincenzina Caputo, James Hilker

Cultivating TA Habits of Mind In Support of Student Success: A Partnership between the Graduate School & Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education

Madeline Shellgren, Melissa McDaniels

The Effect of Required Homework on Student Performances in Flipped Immunology Class

Ahrom Kim

Effects of Recitation Sections on Student Success in ISS 200 Level Courses

Jeff Ericksen

Empowered Mujeres, Empowering Mujeres: Reflecting on Assessment and Engagement for Student Success

Aleida Martinez, Danielle M. Lopez, Erica Fiasky

Engaging Students in Social Justice through Art

Amber Benton, Veda Hawkins, Phillip Seaborn

Evidence for Predicting Teaching Practices in Early-Career Biology Faculty

Nathan Emery, Diane Ebert-May, Jessica Middlemis Maher

Faculty and Student Conceptions on Student Centered Active Learning and Teaching: A Quality Initiative Project

Emily McIntire, 2017-18 Lilly Fellow

Faculty, Staff, Student, and Ethical Issues in Learning Analytics

2017-2018 Analytics Learning Community

Feedback and Formative Assessment

2017-2018 Learning Community on Feedback and Formative Assessment

Gamifying Thrones: Making Students Heroes in Their Own Arthurian Adventures

Margot B. Valles, 2017-18 Lilly Fellow

Improving Critical Thinking and Writing through Literature Review in a Greenhouse Production Course

Kellie Walters, Roberto Lopez

Leveraging Linguistic and Cultural Diversity as Resources for Teaching and Learning in a Preparation for College Writing (PCW) Course

Steven Fraiberg, 2017-18 Lilly Fellow

Mad at MSU:  Learning community on accessibility focuses on mental disabilities in academia

2017-18 Learning Community on Accessibility through Creative Innovation

Making an IMPACT: A Service-Learning Program for Incoming First-Year Students

Andrew Murray, Erika Trigg Crews

Metacognition and Critical Thinking of First Year Medical Students

Migdalisel Colon-Berlingeri, 2017-18 Lilly Fellow

Outcomes for Students in Limited-Enrollment Programs

Abram Huyser-Honig

Performance, Comfort Level, and Confidence in Novice Veterinary Students after Training on a Bovine Paravertebral Nerve Block Model

Jennifer Roberts, 2017-18 Lilly Fellow

Spartan Sage: Student Data Discovery Tool

Jeff Kodysh, Danielle Barnes, Sue Webster

Spartans Will Completion Grants: Purpose, Implementation, and Short Term Results

Renata Opoczynski

STAR Lite! Start Right!

Charlie Liu, Chelsea Belote, Jianyang Mei, Elizabeth Matthews

Student Parent Support = Two-Generation Success

Kimberly Steed-Page

Undergraduate Research: Emerging Scholars Program

Lizzy King

Wellness Coaching: Optimizing Wellness for Student Success

Kristin Traskie, Kevin Bator