Technology Orientation

The MSU Libraries and IT Services hold a hands-on introduction to technology resources available for Michigan State University faculty and academic staff.


  • Electronic Resources
  • Where to get help and support for technology on campus
  • Library Research Services
  • Creating Digital Experiences
  • Data Management for Research
  • Library Teaching and Learning Services
  • High Performance Computing
  • Technology you can expect in university classrooms (e.g., technology carts, sounds systems, student response systems)
  • MSU’s centrally-supported learning management systems

During this event there will be an opportunity to have in-depth conversations and hands-on demonstrations with experts from the morning sessions. Explore different parts of the library, and experience the support and services that can help with your research and teaching from MSU Libraries and MSU IT. Get assistance with setting up your D2L courses and learn about accessibility best practices. Immerse yourself in the 360 projection room and AR/VR facilities in the Digital Scholarship Lab. Also, ask an expert about incorporating Open Education Resources into your course.


Check our calendar for the next session in this series, likely to happen each August.