Lyudmila Sakhanenko headshot

Lyudmila Sakhanenko is a professor in the Department of Statistics and Probability. Her area of expertise includes nonparametric statistics, high-dimensional probability, and empirical processes. She applies her methodology work to neuroscience. In particular, she is currently investigating uncertainty assessment for axonal fiber tractography based on diffusion tensor MRI data. This NSF-sponsored research aims to enhance existing brain imaging techniques to help with early diagnosis of brain disorders and diseases. She serves on several editorial boards of statistics journals and as an associate editor of Statistics and Probability Letters. She has been the Interim chairperson of the Department of Statistics and Probability since September 2021.

Dr. Sakhanenko is very enthusiastic to be a fellow of the 2023-2024 Academic Leadership Fellows Program. She is delighted to be mentored by Dr. Narayanan Parameswaran, Associate dean for Faculty Affairs and Student Development in College of Human Medicine.

Lyudmila is looking forward to the valuable experience, understanding, and training with her peers to become a strong voice and a strong presence in the Department, College and University, so she can serve better many communities at the University and beyond.

Dr. Holtz’s dedication to teaching and research has also been recognized, receiving accolades such as the Faculty Impact Award, Adams Academy Teaching Fellow, and the prestigious Teacher-Scholar Award from Michigan State University.

Looking ahead, Dr. Holtz is looking forward to the opportunity to participate in the 2023-24 Academic Leadership Fellowship program. She brings a compassionate perspective and a strong commitment to diversity into her research and teaching practices. During her fellowship, she aims to gain valuable insights into how the administration can effectively implement the university’s strategic plan, aligned with its core values and principles.