Michale Boivin photoHaving arrived at MSU in 2006, Michael J. Boivin now serves as Professor and Research Director in the MSU-COM Department of Psychiatry, as well as Professor of Neurology & Ophthalmology. He is also an adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Michigan (neuropsychology program).  In October 2021 professor Boivin begin his official responsibilities as Director of the MSU Global Neuropsychiatry Research program (http://globalneuropsychiatry.msu.edu/). This program was granted status as an MSU center in July 2021, and now includes five fulltime MSU psychiatry faculty members as well as collaborations with almost a dozen other research groups in the US and internationally. Participants and collaborators in this center share a common mission, consistent with the land-grant and now world-grant vision of MSU. This mission is the dedicated pursuit of global neuropsychiatric and clinical research to wholistically to foster resilience and alleviate risk in scientifically human need in a humanitarian manner. This program also involves between 8 and 10 medical and doctoral level students at any given time, being mentored in clinical research in a half-dozen separate NIH-sponsored research studies by the core faculty members of this center. Professor Boivin developed the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine Global Neuropsychiatry program because of his year-long involvement (May 2014 to June 2015) in the MSU Global Innovation Scholars Program, as one of the six fellows selected for the final program cohort. The web site that describes the programmatic vision inspired by this initiative was created with support from GISP (https://www.thriveearly.msu.edu/).  Prior to his GISP year, professor Boivin was selected as one of just 12 fellows in the University of Michigan Medical Educational Scholars Program (MESP) for leadership in the medical school, by virtue of his adjunct appointment there. With the support of a Templeton Foundation grant for the study of quality of life in breast cancer patients, Professor Boivin worked with Professor of Surgery and MSU-CHM Assistant Dean Janet Osuch to develop an innovative pre-med undergraduate practicum for minority students, along with an MSU medical student and graduate student summer research program. His UM MESP-based experience in developing this program, along with his present responsibilities in guiding research and clinical training opportunities for the MSU-COM Global Neuropsychiatry Research Center initiative, are the impetus for his participation in the MSU AAN program as a leadership Fellow.