Time/Email Management

  • Digital Tools to Help Campus Administrators Do Their Jobs
    Elizabeth Simmons discusses how “productivity software” can smooth the path for new administrators — and offers tips on the tools she finds most useful.
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  • Top Ten Email Timesavers/Productivity Enhancers
    Randy Dean, MBA, gives ten discrete strategies for tackling the mountain of email.
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  • A Few Notes on Productivity
    Chris Long shares methods and tools for staying productive
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  • Robert’s Rules Online

Budget and Finances

  • Academic Finance Demystified
    Elizabeth Simmons explains how a better understanding of how the money flows can help professors navigate their campuses’ budget processes.
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  • Special Issue of Academic Leader, the Newsletter for Academic Deans and Department Chairs
    In this special issue of Academic Leader, four distinguished authors provide an in-depth look at collegiality—its significance to the functioning of the academic unit, how to address collegiality issues in faculty evaluations, U.S. courts’ views on using collegiality in personnel decisions, and advice on how to foster collegiality.
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  • 5 Tips on Surviving Your First Year as a Department Head
    Rob Kramer and Peter Mucha offer suggestions for new unit-level leaders.
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  • How to Survive Your First Year as Department Chair
    Kerry Ann Rockquemore explores strategies for moving forward during the first year of a new administrative role.
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  • They Don’t Train Us for This: 13 Lessons I Wish Someone Had Taught Me Before I Became an Academic Administrator
    Fred Schwarsbach reflects on important management lessons he learned when he started out in academic administration.
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