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This summer MSU is launching the new Student Perceptions of Learning Survey (SPLS) to replace the Student Instructional Rating System (SIRS) and Students’ Opinion of Courses and Teaching (SOCT) surveys. SPLS will offer a better user experience for instructional staff and students by providing more consistency in the survey process while also offering more autonomy at the college and academic program levels.

Over the years, many stakeholder groups and committees have been involved in bringing us to where we are today. With a focus on feedback from the MSU community, as well as a national review of the literature and instructional rating systems, we have been able to create a policy and survey instrument that better represents our university’s needs and aligns with best practices.

SPLS will function similarly to SIRS, with a few key differences:

  • There will be eight universal questions that are pre-populated and un-editable
  • Each college and/or department will have the opportunity to add up to 12 additional questions if they so choose; guiding principles and a provisional question bank have been provided to units in support of their question development
  • There will be greater clarity and improved protections around access to data
  • Professional development support and guidance about the use and application of data is established
  • Each instructor who is listed in SIS, including graduate teaching assistants, will receive their individual SPLS results

This reform of SIRS will help transform the way MSU considers instruction and its assessment. It aims to advance a culture that supports professional development and values high-quality teaching and learning.

More information regarding this project with be shared with the broader university community in the coming weeks. To learn more, attend the virtual session on May 11 at the Teaching and Learning Conference.  If you have any questions, please email Marilyn Amey at amey@msu.edu.