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The importance of taking the care and the time to recognize and celebrate the excellent work of our colleagues is a meaningful and worthwhile venture. Whether their work impacts audiences large or small, at the local or international level, whether they garner large amounts of grant funding, get accepted as a fellow in a prestigious organization or they make sure that every student in their classroom feels seen and understood, at all levels of service at MSU, there are opportunities to amplify such efforts, and the value of doing so is tremendous.

Having supported many of the MSU All-University Awards for several years now, the feedback most received is that it is an honor just to be thought of and considered for an award. The fact that a colleague or a student would take the time to assemble or support a nomination, which can be tedious, does not go unnoticed by the nominee. In big ways and in small, it is SO important to take the time to recognize the exceptional work here at MSU. Recognition reinforces excellence and reminds everyone that MSU has wonderful and talented people.

Most especially, having navigated a once-in-a century pandemic in the last 18 or so months, the fatigue that most feel is nearly tangible; knowing that someone cares enough about the work that you do, to hold it up for recognition honors the work and honors the person.

I am “humbled and honored to receive an #iteachMSU Educator Award! The best part is that I was nominated by a student who is on their way to becoming a teacher. Love it!” The sentiment was shared by @soulsmiles in a recent email for World Gratitude Day sent by the #iteachmsu Commons Thank an Educator Initiative. A quick thank you can go a long way!

Recognizing colleagues is a priceless intangible that builds confidence, collegiality, and gratitude. Dr. Vic DiRita was the most recent recipient of the Simmons Chivukula Award for Academic Leadership, and he had this to say about acknowledgement, “Everyone should feel included and recognized for their work, and if not, that is a failure of leadership”. Christine Carter Leese was selected for the Robert F. Banks Award for Institution Leadership in 2021 and in a WorkLife office story said,“To be recognized for those efforts and to know that I had such an impact on other people’s lives and their careers in a way that is meaningful is humbling.”

The slate of MSU’s All-University Awards offers an opportunity to acknowledge and recognize the outstanding work done each and every day, making this a great time to remind campus of the upcoming deadline of Monday, October 17. More information on available awards and nomination guidelines may be found on the provost’s honorifics page. These awards recognize the outstanding accomplishments, achievements, and contributions of our exceptional researchers, educators, and community members and bring great pride to the institution.

Faculty and Academic Staff Development recently hosted a Leadership Institute session focused on award worthy letter writing. For that information, please self-enroll in the Leadership Institute D2L community. A gratitude letter letter is another great way to recognize your colleagues. Review article on writing a letter of gratitude.