Educator professional development programming is a dynamic part of MSU’s campus. Here are five things worth thinking about as a new faculty member:

  1. We use the term “educator” because it is inclusive and communicates the intent to support all individuals who contribute to the teaching and learning mission of the university. This definition is intended to elevate a community that embraces this important work. If you identify as an educator, you are welcome.
  2. This fall we will launch a new space for helping educators connect to each other and to resources. The #iteachmsu Commons provides an educator-driven space for sharing teaching resources, connecting across educator networks, and growing teaching practice:  Look for the content to change routinely over the next few months. View the 20-21 Educator Development opportunities.
  3. Much about how we educate people will be disrupted for the next few years. Interested in learning more about how to teach online or in hybrid modes? We have support for you.
  4. We offer a number of programs that will be interesting to you, from learning communities to year-long cohort programs. Take a few minutes to learn more here.
  5. There will continue to be changes in how we offer educator professional development, some because we have been planning them for some time, others because we are making lots of adjustments to how we teach and learn. Questions or concerns? Please reach out to me at