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All faculty, academic staff, post-docs, librarians, and graduate students who identify as women are cordially invited to participate in the MSU Academic Women’s Forum. The forum has been created to provide a safe-space to connect, build community, and explore issues that are relevant to the success, support, and empowerment of academic women at Michigan State University.

Academic Women’s Forum programs and seminars are open to all.

Please join us as we share our experience, hardship, coping strategies, wisdom, successes, hope, care, and concerns with each other as we individually and collectively navigate the COVID-19 outbreak.

Each week our zoom session will include some tips for enhancing and maintaining your emotional well-being as well as providing an opportunity for you to be seen, heard, and validated by your Academic Women’s Forum community. Zoom sessions will also include breakout sessions so you can connect with a smaller group of women to reflect on key questions together.

No upcoming sessions scheduled at this time.

Past Events

Fall 2018

Spring 2018

Fall 2017

Spring 2017

Fall 2016

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The forum is co-sponsored by the MSU WorkLife Office, Office of the University Physician-Employee Assistance Program & Health4U, Academic Advancement Network, and Graduate Life & Wellness.